DENOX aim and idea

Develop and prove experimentally at TRL3 two breakthrough technology concepts  and their combination
for drastic reduction of NOx emissions in gas-turbine aero-engines

> Technology concept #1

Electrochemical suppression of NOx generation in primary combustion zone

This concept consists in generation of modulated arc and/or microwave discharge(s) in the primary combustion zone to create “untypical for normal combustion” additional reagents in excited and ionized states, which will initiate competetive reaction chains and suppress NOx generation in primary combustion zone.


20…40 % suppression of NOx generation

in primary combustion zone


  • Identify intermediate combustion reactions & “untypical” additional reagents able to intervene into NOx generation/decomposition mechanisms

  • Determine the discharge(s) type, number, characteristics and position(s)

  • Develop electric discharge generation system suitable for primary combustion zone

> Technology concept #2

Electromagnetic decomposition of NOx molecules in engine exhaust

This concept consists in application of multi-frequency electromagnetic fields with cascade asynchronic modulation of electric and magnetic components to the exhaust flow to decompose earlier generated NOx molecules.


Decomposition of up to 90 % of NOx molecules

available in engine exhaust


  • Understand processes of N-O bonds excitation/relaxation in NOx molecules

  • Determine proper frequencies and amplitudes of EM field(s) and ensure their proper dimensional distribution

  • Develop EM field generation system able to realize all these practically in aero-engine!