Innovative Technologies of Electrochemical Suppression and Electromagnetic Decomposition for NOx Reduction in Aeroengines

The DENOX project aims to develop and prove experimentally at TRL3 two breakthrough technology concepts and their combination for drastic reduction of NOx emissions in gas-turbine aero-engines.

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DENOX technology concepts are underpinned by the results of theoretical investigations and numerical studies of high-temperature high-pressure low emission combustion processes, which demonstrated potential to decrease NOx concentration in exhausting gases on 20-95% without decreasing of engine efficiency.

> Technology concept #1

Electrochemical suppression of NOx generation in primary combustion zone

This concept consists in generation of modulated arc and/or microwave discharge(s) in the primary combustion zone to create “untypical for normal combustion” additional reagents in excited and ionized states, which will initiate competetive reaction chains and suppress NOx generation in primary combustion zone.

> Technology concept #2

Electromagnetic decomposition of NOx molecules in engine exhaust

This concept consists in application of multi-frequency electromagnetic fields with cascade asynchronic modulation of electric and magnetic components to the exhaust flow to decompose earlier generated NOx molecules.


The DENOX project will combine analytical studies and numerical simulations with experimental investigations and multi-level testing campaign to translate proposed technology concepts from TRL1 to TRL3 and to assess full potential of their combination for the next-generation gas-turbine engines

The project is being implemented from 01 January 2019 till 31 December 2022 by two experienced partners:


Project Administration

Being an intergovernmental organization which core activity is to manage technical projects, in the DENOX STCU provides administrative coordination and monitoring of proper implementation of the project activities

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R&D Partner

KhAI is a leading Ukrainian technical University. Its researchers has deep experience in aerospace engines design and development and combustion processess study. In the DENOX KhAI implements all R&D activities